Equipment provided

Volunteers will be asked to wear a hi-vis vest before starting. These ensure that everyone in the group is visible to road users and any third party personel carrying out potentially hazardous work.

We have several 'Wonderful Woolwich' branded hi-vis vests that are issued on a first come first served basis. They are currently available in size Medium and Large.

Hi-vis garments may also be provided by a Wonderful Woolwich partner organisation. If you have your own industry specification hi-vis clothing, you are welcome to wear this instead.

Litter pickers will be handed out to all. We peffer that volunteers avoid direct contact with litter and reduce the likelyhood of personal injury from bending or handling sharp objects.

To further reduce risk of cuts or abrasions, gloves are provided.

What to expect when attending one of our community clean up events?

Upon arrival at the designated meeting point, look out for the Wonderful Woolwich Team who will be setting up tools and equipment.

A site induction will be carried out prior to setting off. This is just a health and safety procedure and to keep everyone updated. You may be asked to enter your details on a registration form, but it is not a mandatory requirement and we respect your privacy.

Can't see the Wonderful Woolwich Team?

If you have arrived after the 10am start, chances are that the group have already ventured out in to the neighbourhood.

Not to worry. You can catch up with a member of the team at any point throughout the event.



At all events, we will ensure that bottled mineral water is provided.

If ever you feel dehydrated at any time, please ask a team leader for a bottle.

Sometimes we may be able to lay out a spread of tea, coffee and biscuits either on site or in a local venue.

This gives volunteers a chance to rest, and socialise with fellow residents.

Safeguarding Policy

.Children are the future. Our legacy will someday become their inheritance that will go on to become their legacy in the cycle of generations.

Therefore, Wonderful Woolwich believes that in order to secure a better future it is vital that we start educating the future right here in the present.

Our responsibilities to protect the future are also right here in the present, which is why children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Guardians must have written and signed consent from the child’s parent with parents contact details included.

A plentiful supply of waste bags, black or grey for general waste, and transparant for recyclables are available throughout the event.

Where possible, each volunteer will have their own 'hoop' to make transferring litter from street to bag easier as there is nothing more frustrating than a bag closing up on itself.

Finally, graffiti removal wipes are kept on hand. These are only to be used with latex gloves in order to avoid contact dermatitus.

For latex allergy sufferers, vinyl gloves will also be carried.

Clean up guide

On the street

Screen litter out in to recyclables and non-recyclables just as you would with your household waste.

Sometimes it is best to team up in to pairs. One person dealing with recyclables, while the other follows behind collecting what is left.

Sanitary items, such as tissues, should be disposed of in the grey or black bags for hygene reasons.

If you see larger items of litter, please raise the attention of a team leader who will decide whether it can be dealt with by Wonderful Woolwich, or is a matter that requires reporting to the Council.

On no occasion should you pick up hyperdermic needles. These must be reported immediately to the local authority by a Wonderful Woolwich team leader. This also applies to any hazardous waste materials that you come across, including broken glass.

Should you come across any illegal substances, dial 101. However, if you feel that you are in immediate danger, or spot a firearm, dial 999.

Community and environmental concerns

If you come across anything that you feel is spoiling the local environment, please express your views to a Wonderful Woolwich team leader, or if you are on facebook, take a photo and upload it to our facebook page after the event.

As we are a community based group, it is vital that we work as a community should do. To us, members of the public are not just members of the public, they are like us, members of the community.

If anyone approaches you with a concern, please do take down details and relay them to us, again, either through a team leader, facebook, or email.

Full waste bags

A full bag of litter is something we get very excited about, so we want you to feel free to get through as many bags as possible.

On each clean up event, there will be a designated drop point. This is allocated by the Royal Borough of Greenwich who will collect our takings after the event.

If possible, please tie up and take any waste bags to this site. Otherwise leave the bag where it will not cause any obstruction and inform a team leader as to the location along with total number of bags left.

It is important that no bags are left behind, so only leave them if you are unable to carry them the distance required to the drop point.